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Drain and Re-New Engine Oil  Special oil requirements on request, eg  [Synthetic]  (at additional cost)        yes        yes
Check For Oil Leaks  Advise on any found leakages, action(s) required        yes        yes
Replace Oil Filter        yes        yes
Check Antifreeze And Coolant Levels  Hoses, clips and radiator cap        no        yes
Inspect Cooling Fan, Expansion Tank And Caps  For working condition and leaks        no        yes
Check And Adjust Alternator Belt  Report condition (where applicable)        yes        yes
Check Check Exterior Lights  For operation and damage, broken bulbs / lenses        yes        yes
Re-New Air Filter        yes        yes
Spark Plug Check  Replace if required (depending on mileage and condition)        yes        yes
Test And Check Clutch  For slipping or bad adjustment and correct if necassary        yes        yes
Inspection Of Drive Shaft Rubber Boots  For splits and leaks, report and advise        yes        yes
Battery Levels  Starter motor condition, HT Leads        yes        yes
Check Brakes  (Pads,shoes/calipers and pipes)  for wear, corrosion or damage, Strip, Check, Clean and replace if necessary        yes        yes
Tyre Check  Pressures, tread depth and specification        yes        yes
Inspect All Seatbelts  For wear and funtion        yes       yes
Check Exhaust System; Including Cataylist for leaks, noise or corrosion        yes        yes
Check Windscreen Wiper Blades  Including washers and refill water bottle        yes        yes
Stamp Service Schedule Book  Reset service dashboard light  (subject to software availability)        yes        yes
Road Test        yes        yes